Europe's leading consultancy for employee survey systems

Who we are

The Effectory Group was born of a merger between LOGIT Management Consulting, a Munich-based company specializing in international employee surveys, and Effectory, a Dutch provider of innovative feedback tools.

With our workforce of 200 people in Munich, Amsterdam and Cape Town, we advise, empower and support over 1,000 organizations in more than 70 countries around the world every year. Our accounts include many prominent medium-sized and large enterprises in Germany and across Europe.

In Germany, we operate under the name LOGIT Effectory.

What we believe in             

Employee engagement is critical to a company's success. For this engagement to take root, grow and flourish, every company has to cultivate a work environment that is conducive to its strategy and goals.

We believe that organizations are able to change, learn and evolve. And we are convinced that employees want to do meaningful work, get involved and grow.

Employee surveys can provide impetus to impel every organization. There is a caveat, though: Only a fine-tuned, strategy-minded survey has the power to drive an enterprise forward.

What we have to offer

The Effectory Group offers a unique combination of high-end consulting and cutting-edge feedback tools to cover the employee journey from end to end.

The portfolio runs the gamut of employee surveys from the classic variety to onboarding, pulse, team development, theme and exit surveys. We also provide executive assessments.

Our concepts are grounded in science. Our tools meet modern-day demands for classic global surveys, as do our distributed, agile and mobile formats. And our solutions are designed with your strategy in mind and tailored to fit your needs.

How we do what we do

We assist you in designing and developing the right survey ecosystem for your company.

We deliver premium-quality data and help you draw the right conclusions from the results.

We ensure that your surveys provide the insight and impetus your organization needs to evolve and attain its business objectives.