Turning data into opportunities

The reasons and occasions for conducting an employee survey are many. The ways of driving your organization's strategic development with these powerful tools are diverse.

Perhaps you will find inspiration in our clients' typical objectives. If so, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions or wish to talk about your objectives. 

  • Identify strategic opportunities

    Identify strategic opportunities

    Several pressing strategic matters are on our agenda. To tackle these issues, we need to get a global picture of the prevailing sentiment among employees. What are our managers in the subsidiaries thinking? What are our employees experiencing? Our aim is to pinpoint opportunities for improvement.
  • Develop the corporate culture

    Develop the corporate culture

    We finally have a new corporate vision and mission statement. It suits us. But how do we embed our values and goals in our corporate culture? How can an employee survey help us accomplish this? And how do we gear the survey achieve these goals?
  • Enable expansion abroad

    Enable expansion abroad

    We have enjoyed remarkable growth, especially offshore and in Asia. Our managers are now called upon to lead international, multicultural teams. What is the best way of making this work? What do we need to know? How do we obtain meaningful data?
  • Boost engagement levels and employer attractiveness

    Boost engagement levels and employer attractiveness

    Our two big concerns are demographic change and the VUCA world. We urgently need qualified, engaged employees. But how do accurately gauge their commitment levels? What can we do to enhance our attractiveness as an employer and retain staff?
  • Cultivate leadership dialogs

    Cultivate leadership dialogs

    Frankly, our management and feedback culture leaves a lot to be desired. How do we measure and develop our leadership practices with our mission statement providing the baseline? Where do we start? And what matters most?
  • Streamline and improve employee surveys

    Streamline and improve employee surveys

    Our employee surveys have always been very elaborate with tremendous effort devoted to preparations. Following up on the results was also an uphill battle. Many employees are tired of it. There has to be a leaner, more efficient way of doing this.
  • Modernize employee surveys

    Modernize employee surveys

    Digitization, agile working methods, Industry 4.0—how does all this affect our surveys? How do we keep up with the latest developments? Should we even be conducting conventional surveys at all anymore?
  • Integrate psychological risk analyses

    Integrate psychological risk analyses

    The works council is pushing for a separate large-scale survey to assess psychological risks. We want to steer clear of that. Is there any way of shoehorning this assessment into our ES? It is a strategic tool, so won't this be too much for a single questionnaire?
  • Connect data in meaningful ways

    Connect data in meaningful ways

    We collect mountains of employee data, but we do not connect the dots much or methodically mine these data. How to put all this information to better use? What can big data and HR analytics tools do for us? What will work for our company and what should we avoid?
  • Design a survey ecosystem

    Design a survey ecosystem

    We have long been conducting our biennial corporate employee survey. There is no more room to squeeze any more topics into it. And two years is too long for many issues that require timely feedback. What is the best way of underpinning and augmenting our main ES? What do we have to do and how do we do it?