Strategic fitness – our mission is to help companies attain it!

Companies around the world rely on employee surveys. They are among the most frequently used management tools. And when used properly, they provide valuable data to the company's management and impetus to drive organizational and cultural development. Effective employee surveys can help make enterprises more agile, boost performance and speed up the pursuit of strategic and operational goals.

What type of survey is appropriate and expedient for my organization? These days, most companies have every reason to ask themselves this question. In the age of big data and HR analytics, enterprises need to find ways to connect surveys and employee feedback with other systems and tools so as to mine this data. Dynamic markets, agile organizational structures, demographic change, the war for talent, and rapidly advancing digitalization are setting a pace that companies are hard-pressed to maintain. The conventional employee survey still has its raison dêtre. But distributed, flexible and agile survey formats are very much in demand for companies seeking to obtain timely, valid information on the employee experience throughout the employee journey.

Let us team up with you to develop a state-of-the-art survey ecosystem that fits your company. Serving as your guide, we can take you through all the preparations and polling processes. We help you pool the data and put it to good strategic use. And we do all this in an efficient, resource-sparing way. Pathfinders on your quest for answers, we can steer you through the thicket of survey options. Asking questions, measuring, looking behind the numbers to see the connections, ideating new approaches with top management, sparking a spirit dialog and keeping it on track, providing impetus for organizational development efforts—this is what turns surveys into real milestones for corporate development.